Мы имеем в жизни то,
о чем смогли договориться


Мы имеем в жизни то, о чем смогли договориться

Реформа лаб
Москва, Комсомольский проспект д. 16/2, стр. 3
Москва, Проспект Вернадского, д. 76
What is included in the training program?
  • Public speaking.
  • Speech technique.
  • Release of the muscles of the body, the basics of phonation breathing.
  • Fundamentals of voice formation and science.
  • Articulation, orthoepy and diction.
  • The logic of speech.
  • Intonation expressiveness.
  • Gestures and facial expressions.
  • Psychological aspects of effective speech interaction.
  • Basics of text analysis.

Acting skills
  • Removing the "clamps" (in case to learn how to communicate with the audience during stage performance, to possess the ability to be straight and receptive. To be free to control oneself, to act, to transform, to control one's body, facial expressions and voice.
  • Exercises for imagination, observation skills and creative thinking.
  • Etudes on interaction, improvisation, etc.
  • Developing creative qualities, like a sense of space, a sense of time and a sense of rhythm.

  • Practical methods of detecting lies.
  • Recognition of the basic line of behavior of each person.
  • Study and use of operational psychodiagnostics techniques.
  • Confrontation to provocations and manipulations, emotional pressure, verbal "evasions" and other types of provocations.
  • Effective techniques of manipulation in negotiations.

Work on camera
  • How to look attractive in the frame.
  • How to act on camera under any circumstances.
  • Psychology of color, archetype and clothes in the frame.
  • The logic of speech during video recording.
  • Step-by-step writing of a video performance plan.

academic hours
You get a certificate of advanced training course by MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
The address is
Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station, Prospekt Vernadskogo, 76. The new building of MGIMO.

(Monday - Saturday 9:00-19:00)
  • Margarita Radzig
    The leading actress of the Moscow Taganka Theater since graduating from the "B. V. Shchukin VTU" under the guidance of E. V. Knyazev.

    Senior lecturer of speech technique and artistic reading of the Department of "Stage Speech" of the B. Shchukin Theatrical University, a trainer known in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation. Author of recognized publications on speech technique, participant of many conferences, seminars and round tables on the problems of teaching stage speech.

    She received pedagogical recognition in 2013 thanks to the brilliant performance of her student Fedor Andreev at the A.P. Chekhov International Competition of Readers what led to the awarding of their joint work with the second prize.

  • Andrey Levitsky
    - In 1995, he graduated from the Directing Faculty of the Shchukin Theater Institute with a degree in theater and cinema director.
    In 1998, he graduated from graduate school with a degree in acting and directing.
    Named the best theater teacher in Russia (2011).
    Since 1996, he has been teaching at the Theater Institute named after Boris Shchukin.

  • Larisa Baranova
    Graduated from the School of Culture in 2001 with a degree in stage directing, director–instructing, in 2006 – graduated from acting faculty of the B.V. Shchukin Theater School.

    In 2006-2008 she worked at the theater named after Vakhtangov and at the "Praktika" Theater (directed by Ivan Vyrypaev). From 2008 to 2010 she worked in the TV show "Univer" and in 2010 opened own theater school in Bashkiria.

    Currently, Larisa Baranova works on the "TNT" channel in the "Sasha and Tanya" show, "Univer" and "Bonus" (directed by V. Gai Germanika).
  • Victor Alferov
    Member of the Artistic Council of the "Praktika" Theater. He produced the performances "Capital" (together with E. Boyakov), "Marmalade", "Life was a success" and "Valve". He did it as part of the documentary project "Human.doc" with the participation of Vladimir Martynov and Alexander Gelman (together with E. Boyakov). He produced the play "Living Pictures" at the Theater of Nations and "Shakespeare. Night" at the S.A.D. Theater.

    Together with Elena Alferova , he made documentaries: "Dance of the Eagle", "Land of happy learning", "Masters of Orongoy". The film "Dance of the Eagle" received the "BEST EDITING" at the 36 SPORTFILMFESTIVAL in Palermo in 2015 and was nominated in the categories "Best Foreign Film", "Best Feature Film", "Best Sound".

  • Natalia Tetenova
    After graduating from secondary school, she enters GITIS, where she studied in the class of Mark Zakharov. In 2003, she received a diploma of acting education and began an acting career in cinema and theater.

    Tetenova's film debut came in 2001, when she played in the film "Shifted" directed by Alexander Basov and Bakur Bakuradze. Tetenova's film biography consists of more than 120 roles, including both main and supporting characters.

  • Victoria Chernysheva
    Graduated from the GNESSIN RUSSIAN ACADEMY of MUSIC. In 2008 she also graduated from RATI (GITIS).
    Victoria Chernysheva is a professional in public speaking, acting, speech technique and vocals.


  • Kristina Spirina
    Journalist and editor of "Channel One", JSC.
    Working experience on TV is 10 years.
    Certified specialist in the field of mass media. The best worker on Channel One: more than 20 stories every month in four years.
    Producer of top bloggers on YouTube. Speaker of leading Russian conferences.
  • Liana Bakhova
    Profiler and teacher at the Higher School of Stylistics.
    Liana Bakhova conducts corporate trainings and seminars on impression management in business. She offers consultations to top Russian managers and company owners on issues of professional image, HR and business profiling.

135000 rub.
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