Мы имеем в жизни то,
о чем смогли договориться


Мы имеем в жизни то, о чем смогли договориться

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Москва, Комсомольский проспект д. 16/2, стр. 3
Москва, Проспект Вернадского, д. 76
Online educational program

How to become a leader on the forefront of public life, how to gain trust, how to gain self-confidence and rise in the crowd's esteem?

The PERSUASION POWER course consists of 40 academic hours of lectures, practical classes and live broadcasts, after which you will feel a surge of self—confidence, gain a universal set of techniques to be convincing in any situation.

What is this course about?
Finally, you will be able to learn how to speak beautifully, effectively, convincingly and, at the same time, freely. It is now available online! How long we've been going for it and it is really as simple as it sounds! An important task is to build a system of homework and individual feedback, to establish a high-quality presentation of our priceless material through online communication!

The course is designed to achieve a high-quality goal: the information and knowledge acquired in the course will be as effective as possible for all of the results in areas of your life.
Course modules
Margarita Radzig
Dmitry Buzhinsky
Liana Bakhova
  • Increased persuasiveness and confidence in your speech
  • You will be able to control your own voice to influence the interlocutor or the audience
  • You will be able to read people's gestures and facial expressions
  • You will be able to manipulate and distinguish between manipulation in business and life
  • Released from the "clamps" in the body when talking to people
  • You will get creativity of negotiating of any level
  • You will learn to form logical and imaginative thinking, the ability to consistently and logically connect thoughts with language, voice and with body

  • 1
    40 HOURS
    40 academic hours of lectures, practical classes and live broadcasts.

  • 2
    6 video tutorials on public speaking
    3 video tutorials on profiling
    2 video tutorials on acting

  • 3
    Live broadcasts for groups of no more than 15 people, for detailed study and assimilation of the material covered.
  • 4
    Checking homework assignments by instructors with feedback.
  • Margarita Radzig
    • The leading actress of the Moscow Taganka Theater since graduating from the "B. V. Shchukin VTU" under the guidance of E. V. Knyazev.
    • Senior lecturer of speech technique and artistic reading of the Department of "Stage Speech" of the B. Shchukin Theatrical University, a trainer known in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation. Author of recognized publications on speech technique, participant of many conferences, seminars and round tables on the problems of teaching stage speech.
    • She received pedagogical recognition in 2013 thanks to the brilliant performance of her student Fedor Andreev at the A.P. Chekhov International Competition of Readers what led to the awarding of their joint work with the second prize.
    • Corporate trainings: Yandex Alice, Rosatom State Corporation, Dassault Systemes, Higher School of Economics, Marina Daragan International Training Center. As a personal trainer, she works with top managers, deputies and presenters of Channel 1, Fashion TV, etc.
  • Dmitry Buzhinsky
    • In 1988 he graduated from the Theater School named after B.V. Shchukin with a degree in theater and film actting, the course of A.A. Kazanskaya.
    • From 1988 to 1991 he was an actor of the Theater Studio "Theater 88", Moscow.
    • From 1991 to 1993 he taught at the gymnasium at the Russian Museum (history of religions).
    • In 1993 the publication of the book "Blue Rose" (myths for children) happens.
    • From 2000 to 2006 he worked at the St. Petersburg radio as an actor, screenwriter and director. In 1999 Dmitriy hosted the TV show "A Journey Beyond the Three Seas" on St. Petersburg's television.
    • Since 2006 he is an actor of the Moscow theater "M.D.T."
    • Since 2009 he is a teacher of the Department of Acting in B.V. Shchukin VTU.
    • Since 2010 works on the Children's Radio. A presenter and an actor.

  • Liana Bakhova
    • Graduated from Kuban State University, Faculty of Management
    • Moscow State University of Culture and Arts/Institute of Reputational Technologies Art&image – "Imageology".
    • Brandflight/Medinge Group, Sweden, training with Thomas Gad (Richard Branson's personal mentor and the author of the slogan for Nokia "Connecting people") – Corporate branding/Personal brand.
    • International Academy of Lie Research "Profiling" program.
    • International Academy of Lie Research – "Operational Psychodiagnostics".
    • She offers consultations to top Russian managers and company owners on issues of professional image, HR and business profiling.
    • Development of a dress code, personnel evaluation
    • Image-consulting and shopping support. Author's masterclasses.
    • Cooperation with the brands, such as Annette Görtz, Bogner, Stefanel, Max&Co, etc.
    • Participation as an image expert on "MIR 24" and "STS Love" TV channels.
    • Forbes columnist

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