The course provides progressive and detailed mastering of technical skills of public speaking, theoretical basics of rhetoric, psychological non-verbal means of expression, laws of speech communication and methods of working with text for creative self-expression of the person and neat achievement of goals in professional and interpersonal communication.
lessons for 4 academic hours
40 academic hours in total
Structure of classes
The course includes work with a handout of methodological material and homework.
Speech unit
Speech technique - muscle freedom, right breathing, voice science, articulation and diction. Speech culture and intonation.

Actor-psychological unit
Raising awareness. Development of spontaneity and creativity. Development of emotional and figurative expressiveness. Working with meta-messages (posture, gestures, facial expressions). Expanding the role range. Development of partner interaction skills and the ability to intimacy. Work with prose and poetic texts. Train verbal improvisation.
Presentation unit
The study of the laws of modern rhetoric. Includes logical-compositional structuring of speech, strategies and techniques of presentation and self-presentation, techniques for repelling a "speech attack", interviewing and negotiation skills.
Margarita Radzig
Course instructor
  • She received pedagogical recognition in 2013 thanks to the brilliant performance of her student Fedor Andreev at the A.P. Chekhov International Competition of Readers and the awarding of their joint work with the second prize.
  • Corporate trainings: Yandex Alice, Rosatom State Corporation, Dassault Systemes, Higher School of Economics, Marina Daragan International Training Center. As a personal trainer, she works with top managers, deputies and presenters of Channel 1, Fasion TV, etc.
  • The leading actress of the Moscow Taganka Theater since graduating from the B. V. Shchukin VTU under the guidance of E. V. Knyazev.
  • Senior lecturer of speech technique and artistic reading of the Department of "Stage Speech" of the B. Shchukin Technical University, a trainer known in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation.
  • Author of recognized publications on speech technique, participant of many conferences, seminars and round tables on the problems of teaching stage speech.

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